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Eager Beaver Cycling Logo

About Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver is a community of dedicated to cycling enthusiasts. It helps small clubs and individuals by bringing both into contact with key players within the cycling community and keeping them up to date with details of local and national cycling events. The organisation also helps clubs with limited financial resources by giving them access to national advertising free of charge. The overall aim is to help cyclists live out their sporting ambitions.

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About the Project

Eager Beaver wanted a modern, fresh and sporty logo that would represent their unique service and appeal to their varied members. ‘Quirky’ was one of the adjectives suggested, yet not so quirky as to alienate the more serious members of the organisation. We also discussed the idea of creating an image-based logo as well as a typographic option.

Eager Beaver cycling logo design - business card

What We Did | Cycling Logo Design

After lots of initial sketches we decided that a beaver was the obvious choice for an organisation that’s all about encouraging people to enjoy the great outdoors. We then tweaked the cycling logo design to ensure it had a contemporary, clean finish. The beaver logo is one that works extremely well across a whole range of marketing materials and has been key in helping the organisation to develop and grow their brand beyond the web. View Eager Beaver social networking website.