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Are you ready for a more intuitive CMS than you ever thought possible?

Fed up with spending hours on tricky content management systems? We have the solution!

At OMdeSIGN London we know that looking after your website should be simple. That’s why we offer a content management system with easy to use MS Word-like controls; no need to learn complicated new skills! You can edit any area including text, images, headings, tables and lists just like you would in MS Word.

Our CMS will slot right into your business and make you feel immediately reassured. You and your team will be able to update your site in-house via any internet enabled connection, whenever you need to, wherever you are.

The key benefits of our bespoke content management system:

Made with you in mind

Our CMS is built for ultimate ease of use. Simple yet powerful, you’ll get used to this new way of working in no time. As easy as using MS Word, you can edit text, images, headings, tables and lists as much as you need to.


Intuitive Easy to Use CMS (Content Management System)

The sky’s the limit

With no design limitations, our CMS can work with sites of all kinds, even those involving complex backend databases. You won’t be constricted in terms of the design potential of the site, and the good news is that we can tailor our CMS around our bespoke designs; another great reason to get your complete website solution from us!

Admin made easy!

It’s easy to create additional users and groups with different rights assigned to them, making your life easier on a daily basis.

Safety matters

Our CMS sits on your server, so complex installs or plug-ins don’t even come into it. You can access your files securely, but only once you’ve requested the access. All edits can be previewed in a live environment; a great safety net in case something doesn’t work out the way you imagined on the page. You can check changes and make sure they are correct before making them visible on the website.

Want SEO? No problem!

Our CMS is entirely SEO-friendly. A user with the necessary access permissions can specify the title, description and keywords required on each page of the website.

Peace of mind

Your website looks great from your end, but will it for your customers? Well, now you can be sure! With a clean and structured code in place compliant with W3C standards, we can guarantee that your websites look just as great and work just as well, no matter which browser, operating system or device it is being viewed on.

We’ll even provide you with a video presentation about how to use your brand new CMS. This can make training your staff easy and fast, so that you can all get back to work quicker. Our tutorial explains each feature clearly and concisely, so your team don’t need to be technically minded to be up and running in no time!

Better still, the video tutorial can be accessed at any time from your server; great for when you need a few reminders on the features that you use less frequently. This video acts as a permanent tool for reference, giving you the potential to give a new team member the information they need to make getting started a piece of cake, again and again!


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