Pay Per Click PPC
How does PPC Work? Bring 1000s of relevant visits to your site with PPC campaign.

How does PPC Work?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is considered one of the most cost effective and powerful marketing tools, allowing even brand new sites with almost inexistent search engine presence to bring in relevant visits from day one.


Believe it or not, there are 1000s of users searching for your services/products online every month and if you do not rank in top positions, you might be missing a large number of leads and therefore chances to get new sales.

The majority of the advertising activities nowadays are digital and as a business owner, you have already taken an important step forward in launching a website to offer your product/services online.


OMdeSIGN can help you to take your online strategy to the next level by placing yor website on page 1 of Google through Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. We have helped many start-up and established businesses achieving their online objectives and we take pride in contributing to our clients’ success on the marketplace.


PPC is measurable, adjustable, for businesses of all sizes and much more…

Contrary to other forms of advertising, PPC is the one that we believe best suit small and medium sized businesses. In such a harsh economic environment, companies are becoming increasingly more concerned about how the advertising spend is being invested.


PPC gives you what other forms of advertising do not!


The Audience

The audience is actively involved: users are actively searching for your product/services online, meaning that their intent to purchase or get in touch with you is stronger compared to radio, tv or print advertising.



Enhanced Targeting: You can decide, where and when your advertisement is shown.


Highly Ranked

High Ranking on Google + Fast to implement: with PPC you can bring 1000s of visits to your site from day 1 even if your site has just been launched. Once the campaign is set live, it takes only 15 min for the ads to appear online.



You can record exactly what a new lead/a new enquiry costs andyou’re your campaigns perform.



PPC campaigns are easy to adjust and very responsive to market changes.


You will never overspend your planned budget. The advertising spend is not fixed. You can ask us to vary this or pause the campaign for a while in case you have too many orders or enquiries.


For businesses of all sizes

PPC makes it possible for your business to compete successfully online regardless of business size. By carefully choosing parameters your ad can appear higher then the ones from larger organizations.


What do you need to do?

Easy! Just give us a call, or complete the enquiry form and one of our PPC specialists will be in touch to discuss your needs and suggest the most suitable solution for you. Remember! We are here to help. For more information about how OMdeSIGN can help you run an effective PPC campaign, read about our Pay Per Click marketing services and contact us today!