OMdeSIGN agency chosen to build a new website for The London Maritime Arbitrators Association

We’re Delighted to be appointed as Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) Web Agency!

The team at OMdeSIGN have secured our latest project as the chosen agency for London-based Maritime Arbitrators Association, LMAA.


Despite facing fierce competition from agencies across London, we emerged as the chosen candidate following an extensive discovery phase and a round of pitching. The LMAA were convinced that the experience and skill-set on offer at OMdeSIGN was the perfect fit for an organisation which is an innovative leader in its field, and wants an online presence which reflects this fact.


The LMMA was founded in 1960 but its roots, and the status of London as the home of maritime arbitration, stretch back more than 300 years. Beginning with informal arbitrations conducted at the Baltic Exchange, the LMMA has grown to become the leading global arena for the settling of maritime disputes. Although other bodies around the world offer arbitration services, more disputes are referred to London than anywhere else. Its full members, backed by at least 700 supporting members, offer unrivalled experience, expertise and access to arbitration which is 100% impartial.


A commitment to innovation means that the LMMA has developed to the point at which it needs a complete overhaul of its website. The OMdeSIGN team will work closely with the LMMA to deliver a new site which captures its ethos – trust, certainty and transparency – at the same time as allowing it to develop and grow as an organisation.