OMdeSIGN Press Release: Silver by Aston Martin

London based web design agency, OMdeSIGN, have completed work on one of their most exciting and challenging briefs to date – the brand new E-commerce website for the stunning Silver by Aston Martin range. Aston Martin is a brand that needs no introduction. For more than 100 years the name has been synonymous with style, elegance, craftsmanship and some of the most coveted and exclusive sports cars in the luxury car category. Now they have decided to branch into exclusive silver gifts and accessories and as such needed a sophisticated, state of the art e-commerce site to showcase and sell the range.


Aston Martin has a very distinct style and brand image, so the team at OMdeSIGN needed to work very closely with the brand managers and get sign off at every stage to ensure that the overall look and feel of the website adhered to the strict brand guidelines. This meant that a lot of time went into the aesthetic design before the more technical side of things could be considered. Using Django as a platform the OMdeSIGN team then began planning the build of the e-commerce site, which needed to provide an elegant, sophisticated browsing and shopping experience for the customer with intuitive suggestions as to what the customer might like to look at next. The team decided to divide the website up into six distinct sections: eating, drinking, gifts, models, travel & picnic and the exclusive Aston Martin Black, which was a bespoke design section.


A simple drop down navigation system allows for easy browsing, and the site has been optimised for all screen sizes to ensure that visual quality is not lost on smart phones or tablets. As well as product pages the site also features a handy store locator so that customers can find out where the nearest stockist of the range is, as well as a news area and press section. So far, the website has proven to be a great success and a worthy addition to the Aston Martin legacy, with online sales of the range already exceeding expectations.

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