Press About Us: Camden, Geek vs Chic

When it came time for OMdeSIGN to leave their Northern roots and make the transition to London they tell us that choosing to set up in Camden was a “no brainer”.


Specialising in Ecommerce, Website Design, Web Development, Copywriting and Branding OMdeSIGN need to mix technical skills with creativity and this North London borough seems like the perfect place to do that.


Mark from the firm tells us that “Camden has an almost organic pace or rhythm like no other.  Just walking to work each day can give you so much inspiration. When we are ‘stuck’ all we have to do is go for a walk and come back full of new ideas!”


Aside from the obvious influential benefits of working in such a colourful postcode, the uniquely eclectic mix of surrounding businesses makes trade from neighbours exciting, in Mark’s words “Each day is like the first day on the job – you never know what awaits you. It’s felt like this from the day we opened our Camden office and it still does; that’s the real magic of this place and what makes our job so fantastically unpredictable”


Source: www.accountsandlegal.co.uk