Websites for Start-up Businesses

At OMdeSIGN we produce a host of state of the art, beautifully designed websites for start-up businesses and local companies.


We don’t make any distinction between working on projects such as these and on branding or development which is designed to operate on a global basis. The time we take to get a handle on exactly who the client is, what they do and how they want to be presented to the world, allied to our commitment and attention to detail, often results in a project which take the form of an interactive experience linking the owners of the business, OMdeSIGN and the all-important end user.


If you’re starting, or planning to start, your own business, then you’ll naturally be an expert in the service or product which you’re seeking to provide, and will be keenly impatient to get that message out to the wider world via your own website. The days when an online presence could be regarded as either a luxury option or a virtual adjunct to the wider business are long gone.


Put simply, if you don’t exist online – and by ‘exist’ we mean boast a website which is effective, accessible and easy to find – then, to all intents and purposes you hardly exist as a business.

With a few extremely niche exceptions, virtually all businesses will attract new custom, build their client base and expand into new territories via their online presence. Your competitors, whether large or small, will all have websites, and so your aim is to create – or have created for you – a site which can better those of your rivals in terms of form and function. The ‘democratisation’ of the web is such that even the smallest business can compete with huge multi-nationals, using flexibility, innovation and attention to detail to differentiate themselves. The key lies in finding a web agency that can meet that brief, and OMdeSIGN is just such an agency.

We’ve created a huge number of start-up websites over the years, and amongst the sectors which we’ve worked in recently are the following:

– the wedding industry
food and drink
– gifts
– travel

How much does a website cost?

The only honest answer to that question is that it’s not really possible to say, any more than it is to answer the question ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Every site we create is bespoke, tailor made and individually crafted to answer the needs of your business and your end users; the customers and prospective customers you need to impress. For that reason, the price of each website will vary, because each website will be an individual, unique project. The promise we do make is that our pricing structure will be transparent and easily understood from beginning to end. If our portfolio appeals to you and you’d like a website of the same quality, then contact us with a few details and we’ll happily provide a quotation. And you know what? There’s every chance it might actually be cheaper than you imagine.