Aston Martin DB5 Model
Silver by Aston Martin
Award winning e-commerce website for luxury brand
What we did

Aston Martin is a brand that needs no introduction. For the past 100 years the name has been synonymous with style, elegance, craftsmanship – and of course a certain gentleman with a License to Kill! The company decided to branch out from sports cars and produce a range of stunning silver ware known as Silver by Aston Martin.

What we did

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Silver by Aston Martin db5 website
Silver by Aston Martin website mobile view
Aston Martin asked us to design and build a state of the art e-commerce website for the Silver by Aston Martin range. The website needed to strictly adhere to very specific brand guidelines and deliver an elegant and uncomplicated browsing and purchasing experience for customers who wanted to buy one of the exclusive designs.
Silver by Aston Martin shop
Silver by Aston Martin shop
We spent a long time planning the design of the website so that we could be absolutely sure we were getting the Aston Martin look and feel right. Key colours were chosen from the brand palette and we then decided on a simple gallery for the presentation of the range. We decided to divide the website up into four key sections, all of which had to be approved by Aston Martin before we could start the build. They were: Eating and drinking; Travel and picnic; Gifts and accessories; Models and replicas; Aston Martin Black (bespoke designs). The detail pages are focused on the product with a clearly defined call to action along with area for a recommendation/similar items.
Silver by Aston Martin DB5
Silver by Aston Martin DB5
PPL Love Us
“The experience of working with OM certainly didn’t disappoint. They listened to our brief and created a framework for our site that is both visually stunning and easy to navigate, which is exactly what we were aiming for.”
- Anne Marie, Project Coordinator for Silver by Aston Martin
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