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Boutiquette is an online boutique that specialises in affordable clothing from up and coming designers, made using natural, high quality fibres. The company has a young, fresh, image summed up by the tagline: Be Fashion, Be Trendy, Be Creative.


Boutiquette asked us to develop a memorable, fresh logo for the store which would convey edginess, creativity and style. The client wanted the logo to relate to the word Boutiquette, which is a combination of ‘boutique’ and ‘etiquette’ and to communicate that this was a modern, trustworthy brand. They requested a clear, simple font and classic colour scheme.


After researching the client’s main competitors and other online boutiques we started work sketching out some ideas for the logo. Our main aim was to display the letters of ‘Boutiquette’ in a creative way so we used a crest format with the letter ‘B’ in the middle. We wanted to create something really elegant that would appeal to the boutique’s clientele.

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OMdeSIGN were able to create and bring to “live” what I have envisioned. They have done an outstanding job in creating Boutiquette’s logo and website, paying attention to the smallest details, which was very important to me. Being a novice in online retail they have guided me through the process of understanding how the websites work step-by-step, and made my integration easy and seamless. I am looking forward to working with OMdeSIGN on the future projects and developing Boutiquette further.
-Aya Aliyeva, Founder and Director of Boutiquette
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