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What We Did

Bulthaup. What do they design and manufacture? Kitchens. Since when? 1949. How good are they? Good enough to win a European Design Prize and a European Commission lifetime achievement award, to name just two, good enough to be widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of kitchens and good enough to be recognisable with just one glance. Good enough to seamlessly combine the architecture of space and the needs of the person. That’s right – pretty good.

What We Did

Responsive so you can view on the fly.

bulthaup kitchens mobile screens
bulthaup kitchens mobile screens
Bulthaup London approached OMdeSIGN to create a new website, one that would showcase their range in a manner as high end and of the moment as the kitchens themselves. They also wanted a website responsive to desktop, mobile and tablet devices. We said that was a recipe we could follow.
PPL Love Us
“I’m hugely excited to be working with OMdeSIGN. We felt that with their strong web design credentials and breadth of experience, OMdeSIGN was a great fit with bulthaup.”
- Alex, Online Sales and Marketing Manager for bulthaup UK
The images of these kitchens speak for themselves, so that’s exactly what we let them do. Why read about a minimalist, functional yet beautiful work station when you can drool over the close-ups? Full width slideshows on the home and product pages encourage visitors to do just that, on every type of device. As ever, we set beauty hand in hand with functionality – users will enjoy exploring the site because there’s so little effort involved, while the bulthaup team can administer with ease on their own behalf.
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