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Central London Forward
Website for the strategic sub-regional partnership for Central London
What we did

Central London Forward was established in 2007, and brings together the seven central London boroughs in a subregional partnership. Their purpose is to identify policy areas of mutual interest to the seven boroughs and provide lobbying support, analysis and facilitation of joint working. Current policy areas include transport, the economy and the Olympics.

What we did
PPL Love Us
“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of OMdeSIGN. Mark and his team are consummate professionals: efficient, helpful and exacting and they will treat your project with the same dedication and integrity that you would give it yourself.”
- Lee Willocks, Policy Officer for City of London, CLF
The aim was to promote and showcase Central London Forwards’ work and enable their network of stakeholders to keep informed of their work programme. The website includes a news section, including the outcome of the organisation’s Board meetings, so the site’s users really feel like they can be part of the action.
The site is user-friendly and informative and is the ideal first step for Central London Forward in creating their own brand identity. Users are able to find out about what Central London Forward is doing as an organisation to raise the profile of their area. The content management system means that the site can be easily updated by the administrators, including editing page copy and adding images. This gives the organisation maximum freedom and convenience to add their latest news features to the website effortlessly, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of their latest activities. Previously Central London Forward had failed to get the recognition that it deserved, but the organisation’s new web presence has brought the values that the founders stand for to a much wider audience. The organisation feels that the website has directly affected the amount of local interest and participation, and they have since thanked OMdeSIGN for the professional, efficient and highly personal service provided.
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