Cobra Global Consulting – serious people for serious times. If you use Microsoft SQL Server technologies then you need Cobra Global Consulting by your side, answering your questions and solving your problems. Their slogan is ‘Consulting for the Future’. The future in question is yours.


They wanted us to create a logo for the brand that was fresh and memorable and would capture their ethos. A visual identity capable of transmitting a sense of Professionalism, Dynamism and the fact that they’re Different. From the rest. From the competition. Something simple and striking that captures certain values and stands out for all the right reasons. Just like Cobra.


It starts with a conversation. Us with them. Establishing the target audience of small to medium businesses and sketching ideas to appeal. We showed the ideas to Cobra and asked if they were impressed. They were impressed. We tweaked the final design, providing the likes of a single colour variant, and Cobra asked their customers if they were impressed. They were impressed. The end result? A new logo complimented by a new website drawing new customers for the new Cobra offering. All launching soon.