Cutter and Squidge
A dynamic website for a Soho based Patisserie
What we did

Cutter and Squidge,  the Who, What and Why.

Who? Two food obsessed sisters who began their plan for culinary world domination from a ‘compact’ (i.e. tiny) kitchen in North West London.

What? A desire to mix classic recipes with innovative new flavours, and traditional favourites with cutting edge creations.

Why? To craft wonders like the Biskie; a signature handmade combination of biscuit, cookie and cake, with luscious buttercream and freshly made jams or caramels. Don’t take our word for how delicious the Biskie is – read the coverage in the likes of Living, House and Garden or Newsweek, or even treat yourself in Harrods or Selfridges food hall.

What we did

To create a site that looked as good as Cutter and Squidge food tastes, increasing their presence on the web with stunning visuals and a clear reflection of the brand identity. A seamless customer experience aiming to get the juices flowing and the sales rolling in.


In recipe terms, the team at OMdeSIGN like to work with the best ingredients and mix them so that the whole is even greater than the sum of the parts. For Cutter and Squidge, these ingredients included a deliciously bright colour palette with a reassuringly wholesome edge, brought together to form an e-commerce site that looked fresh, fun and delicious – just like the Biskie. And like any great recipe, it tasted as good as it looked, offering a powerful brand image and user friendly flexibility. Customers could mix and match their own Biskie boxes, combining different flavours and numbers to craft exactly the treat they were looking for, with flexibility built into the system moving forward. Bespoke, delicious and tempting – that’s the food, and that’s the website we built to show it off as well.


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