Cycling Logo Design
Eager Beaver
Brand strategy and web application development for a cycling enthusiasts community
What We Did

Eager Beaver is a community for cycling enthusiasts, helping people to keep up to date with what’s on, what time and where. Thanks to the organisation, small clubs with limited financial resources can receive national advertising free of charge. By making contact with the key cycling clubs, Eager Beaver is able to bring cyclists into contact with the most relevant people to help them live out their sporting ambitions.

What We Did

The team wanted a website that would serve as a calendar for events such as social gatherings and competitions, to provide a single source of reference to all the dedicated sportspeople that Eager Beaver helps.

OMdeSIGN created a branding to give Eager Beaver’s new site a contemporary and clean look. The beaver character is instantly recognisable; a company symbol that Eager Beaver will be able to use again and again! The branding provided will help the company to grow their image beyond the web presence, such as using the same designs on t-shirts to maximise promotion of their activities. As well as looking great, the site was designed to be easy to use and intuitive. It updates in real-time, can be easily maintained and adding new images or changing content is a quick and easy process via the content management system. The simple process through a user-friendly interface means that the team at Eager Beaver can spend more time brainstorming great new events instead of getting caught up in unnecessary site admin; a massive benefit to the business, and of course it’s loyal followers! As well as searching events by categories such as name, date or organiser, users can securely log into their very own accounts and manage their activities calendar. There is also an option to make wish lists for which activities to attend and share these with other users, streamlining the social process and making it easier for users to interact with each other. The social networking website is already helping Eager Beaver’s dedicated members to get more out of their sporting interests, thanks to the expertise of OMdeSIGN.
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