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As the name suggests, if you stumble across Four Clover Consulting, then you’ve got lucky. They take your story, shape it and then tell it, whether you’re an individual, brand or company. They spread a message of luxury, taste and a definably European sense of style, raising awareness of what, why and who you are, via a bespoke platform which particularly reaches out to the emerging Asian markets. They’ll introduce you to the right people in the right way, future members of the Four Clover private club and the kind of individuals for whom excellence is simply a given.

What We Did


As befits their remit, Four Clover Consulting came to us and asked for a logo that spoke of style and elegance whilst retaining a distinctive air of mystery. Simple but effective they said, and that happens to be our default setting. They wanted an image which would invite people to explore the company and the meaning of the clover, the four leaves of which represent faith, hope, love and luck. With a little bit of all four, we came up with the answer.

OMdeSIGN set about creating a brand and logo design by going back to the clover itself for inspiration, and in particular the meaning of the four leaves. Working closely with Four Clover Consulting we created an image that combined immediate visual impact with the deeper sense of a tale to be told. By using cleanly designed and simply geometric shapes we crafted an image which is wholly of today, and speaks of a simple but unbending adherence to quality no matter where and how it is printed. With the colour scheme established from the outset, all that was left for OMdeSIGN to do was have fun playing with the exact shades until we reached the perfect combination. You don’t have to take our word for it either – Four Clover Consulting took one look and decided it was their lucky day.
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