Global Ocean Charity
Global Ocean
Charity website design to help preserve marine life
What we did

Global Ocean is a non-profit organisation, on a mission to preserve marine life and ensure the future of oceans through scientific leadership. As well as funding projects to maintain endangered species, Global Ocean aims to heighten public awareness of the importance of marine conservation.

What we did

OMdeSIGN were tasked with creating an intuitive charity website design to promote the work of Global Ocean. The design of the website makes it easy to use for all, no matter what their level of knowledge, due to the well planned architecture. For instance, sections move naturally from outlines to specifics and in-depth scientific insights, to enable the reader to get a general overview, or to delve deeper into understanding the initiatives of Global Ocean. If users have a special area of interest, they can use the search bar built into the website to find what they are looking for faster, adding to the seamless practicality.

PPL Love Us
“There are many people in the field of designing websites so to find a great company to go with can be like finding a rare breed of turtle in a whole ocean. We were lucky in the sense that we had helping us a person who had a refined eye for good website design so when we were putting out our website brief to various companies, she was able to advise us. Thanks to this early advice and the fact that we very much liked what we saw of Omdesign’s work, along with their easy and professional manner, we put our trust and faith in their hands. It turned out to be well placed and we are delighted with the exact mix of creativity and clarity that Omdesign gave to our new website. They followed the brief exactly and continue to play a supportive and advisory role today…”
- Melanie Salmon, Managing Director of Global Ocean, Marine Conservation Charity
By designing a website that is fully accessible using iPhones or iPads, OMdeSIGN has helped to maximise the convenience for users, increasing the propensity for more widespread interest and research into the projects of Global Ocean by Apple users. In addition to this, a children’s game is incorporated into the site; an excellent way to help users to teach their family more about marine life and strategies of conservation. The dynamic structure of the website draws together comments from many sources, including an interactive world map, and even social media integration. This enables comments made on Facebook and other networking websites to be integrated into the pages; an excellent way to bring together the thoughts and opinions of all who support the Global Ocean mission, no matter how the comment is delivered. By providing the chance for users to subscribe to RSS feeds or email updates of the latest news, Global Ocean’s website makes it even easier for people to stay on top of all the latest progress.
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