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Website for the energy industry supplier and contractor


OTDS is a major worldwide manufacturer, supplier and contractor for the energy industry. Since 1978, the company has supplied high voltage insulators, power and distribution transformers, as well as hardware for pole lines and utility poles to the gas, oil and electricity industries.

Web Design OTDS

The client wanted a new website that would immediately convey the messages of ‘quality, class and sophistication’ to potential clients. The home page needed to make an instant impression and reassure visitors that this was not just a building contractor but rather a firm that produced beautiful work for people who appreciated artistry. In other words the task was to design a gallery, not just a website!

Corporate Identity OTDS

Working from the ground up, we developed a creative design which reinforces the company’s brand values and is highly user friendly with easy navigation. Our central visual theme uses ‘electric waves’ to create a stunning impression and draws users into the site.
We were aware that primary users would come from different sectors of the energy industries, so we designed the site with clear areas relating to specific fields of user interest.
The site now provides a comprehensive one-stop information resource for existing and potential new customers, intuitive navigation and full content management functionality, allowing OTDS to manage and update all areas of the site themselves.

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