Paul Thomas Flowers
E-commerce Website for Upmarket Florist
What We Did

To call Paul Thomas Flowers a florist is like calling Picasso a scribbler. If flowers could talk they’d be begging Paul to pick them. Since 1989 he’s been transforming flora of every kind into art, bending nature to his own unique vision and crafting designs which blend opulence, beauty and skill to matchless effect. Don’t want to take our word for it? Take a quick glance at a roster of clients which includes The Ritz London, Fortnum & Mason, the Royal family, Sotheby’s, Lord and Lady Sainsbury and Vivienne Westwood; the kind of people who demand excellence, luxury and impact in equal measure, and who know that Paul is the man to deliver.

What We Did
Paul Thomas Flowers wanted us to build a bespoke e-commerce website in the way that they build a bouquet – so that it looks stunning, is deceptively simple yet lovingly put together and gets the job done. We said they’d come to the right place. They needed the visual impact of their creations to take centre stage. They needed imagery which expressed artistry, skill and luxury whilst retaining an air of accessibility. They needed a site which showcased them as industry leaders and looked all but impossible to resist. They needed OMdeSIGN. Making beautiful things look even more beautiful is our speciality, but the nuts and bolts had to be in place as well; ease of navigation, responsive e-commerce features, an efficient content management system and a boost in online sales. Beautiful but practical, in other words – a bit like the work of a certain designer florist we could mention.

Responsive so you can view on the fly.


We developed the site from start to finish and stem to petal. Paul provided the images, we built the framework, showing off his lavish designs via full width slideshows which offer a stunning visual feast no matter how the site is accessed. Not only did the customised site look good enough to pick up and sniff but it also got the job done. The Paul Thomas team can now manage stock, handle accounts, take delivery details and deal with payments through an interface which combines brains with beauty. The feedback they’ve had since the site launched shows that they picked OMdeSIGN as carefully as they pick flowers

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