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Photo Productions is a London based company that designs and produces premium Photobooks for both professional photographers and the public.


The team at Photo Productions wanted a site which would be easy to navigate, and which would allow users to manage their accounts. One of the key features of the website is the option to personalise the Photobook, choosing from six different sizes in either portrait or landscape. The bespoke web application that can upload photos to the Photobook means an effortless experience for the user. Photo thumbnails can be dragged and dropped so that photos which will feature in the final design can be chosen, and there is a user friendly system for online ordering.


The bespoke ecommerce website that we have created for Photo Productions is perfect for the purposes of their customers. Our content management system (CMS) allows website visitors to create their own accounts with unlimited amounts of photos and folders, and these are accompanied by a price tab which is dynamically updated, so the user receives instant information about the value of their order. When an order is placed it is sent automatically to the designers, and the result is returned to the client for a review. This makes for a fast and efficient business process. Once approved, a picture is sent to the client via tracked delivery, meaning a hassle free experience for the customer from start to finish due to our custom built CMS.

Sales at Photo Productions have increased dramatically since the new website was created, as visitors now find it quick and easy to manage their accounts online, making for an enjoyable experience for the customer. At OMdeSIGN, we understand that satisfied customers makes for a successful business, and we will always create an intuitive solution that will suit the website users perfectly.

Scope of Work

Web Development     |    Website Design     |    Content Management      |    Branding



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