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Square Foot Solutions is a prestigious building contractor that specialises in quality building and refurbishment for high end residential projects. The company works with leading architects and interior designers in some of London’s most exclusive residential areas including Chelsea Square, Ingram Avenue and Belsize Grove.


The client wanted a new website that would immediately convey the messages of ‘quality, class and sophistication’ to potential clients. The home page needed to make an instant impression and reassure visitors that this was not just a building contractor but rather a firm that produced beautiful work for people who appreciated artistry. In other words the task was to design a gallery, not just a website!


We knew straight away that aesthetic design was going to be a hugely important feature of this website so our first task was to decide on an overall colour scheme and layout that would complement the beautiful imagery provided by the client. We decided on a combination of black and white –simple yet very effective in this instance –and let the imagery do the talking.
The site needed to be quick and easy to navigate while prospective clients needed to be able to see the variety of projects carried out at a glance. We created an intuitive project gallery and ensured that simplicity was the real key to elegance in this instance.

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