Story Garden
Literary Consultancy for Children’s Book
What we did

Once upon a time, there was a story garden…..Actually, that time is now and Story Garden is the place where a group of writers, editors, and illustrators gather to offer a London based literary consultancy for anyone involved in helping to weave the magic of children’s books.

What we did
Like the creative types they are, Story Garden knew exactly what they wanted from their website, and asked us to construct it for them. Like the creative types we are, we knew exactly how to set about the task. The site had to express the professionalism and hands on expertise of the Story Gardeners themselves, via an aesthetic that was clean, creative and poetic. It had to be unified and search engine optimised, whilst embracing and reflecting the creativity at its heart. In short, it had to tell their story, and make sure it had a happy ending.
“We were very happy with Omdesigns interpretation of our ideas. They produced a crisp, stylish and creative design that is very easy to use and to update.”
- Melissa Balfour, Director of Story Garden
Children’s literature is all about magic, and we sprinkled more than a little over every part of the process, from web design and development through content management. The site we created is a virtual secret garden, the kind of place where artists go to create and children go to enjoy. A collage style, scrapbook aesthetic makes every page feel organic and organically different, unique and appropriate to the service it is describing, with illustrations and language combining to create a state of poetic flux and creativity. You don’t have to take our word for it – the Story Gardeners themselves were delighted with the way we’d told their tale..
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