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Offering Strategic support for HR teams, Visual Identity


Who trains the trainers? Strategic Disciplines, that’s who. When you struggle to see the wood for the trees they bring along a map, a torch and a compass, offering seminars, residential courses and off-site leadership training, as well as strategic support for HR teams. They’ll show you where you are and give you the long term confidence to know where you’re going.


They asked OMdeSIGN to create a brand and digital presence with a logo which offered three things – Quality, Simplicity and Confidence (which just happen to be three of our favourite words). They needed a solution capable of reaching out to professionals such as law firms and banks, across the range of companies, from large corporates to those in the mid-market, £5 million turnover and above range.


We offered them several bespoke concepts and asked them to select the one they wanted applied to their site as a distinctive brand. Armed with their choice, we created a site which looked clean, functional and uncluttered, and which offered a user experience designed to be quick and simple, and to reassure visitors that they were in the hands of experienced and results driven professionals.

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