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Think of a gallery or museum and you think of a custom built space where beautiful objects are showcased to stunning effect. Exhi takes the same concept and fits it into the palm of your hand. It’s an art community website which allows viewers, art lovers and aficionados of every type to come together and share the artwork that they love or hate. The exhibitions which delight, annoy or otherwise stimulate. Good or bad, delighted or angry, this is a space where the views that matter are those of the most important person of all. Not the artist or the critic, but the gallery goer.
Find an artist, find a museum, find a genre. Find the art you’ll love recommended by the people who love it.

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Exhi came to OMdeSIGN because they needed a website that would look good enough to put in a frame and hang on the wall. We told them that was the easy bit. Then they said that Exhi had to look just as good on mobile devices of every size and type. We assured them that’s what we do. We also guaranteed the nuts and bolts; a site that loads quickly and is easy to use, no matter how old you are and how many hours you spend interacting with a screen.
All of this had to be wrapped in the Exhi brand, designed to look as good as the art it celebrates and to grow and change with the audience it attracts.

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It began with a logo. We created a design which communicated style, class and elegance. The timelessness of museums and the good taste of the people who enjoy them captured in a simple but sophisticated graphic. It was a logo which combined art, design and branding into a striking visual representing the best of each discipline.
With the logo in place we set about designing a website capable of capturing what it is that makes Exhi unique. The appeal of Exhi is centred upon a simple idea – the gallery goer knows best. Unlike other sites, this was to be a space where the opinion of the art lover counted for more than the expert or academic. Visitors would seek it out time after time to find out what was being recommended by people like them. Once there, they would find a site which loads quickly and is instantly engaging. Just like the best museum, the site is easy to explore, with clean white spaces providing the crispest of backdrops, and the overall ambience encouraging the sharing of opinions.
Ultimately, Exhi became a site which placed the world’s best museums in the palm of the users’ hand, and combined that with the company of a worldwide community of fellow art-lovers and their honest, unvarnished opinions. In short, if you know about art and you know what you like, then Exhi is the only show in town..

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I had a great experience with OMdeSIGN and I am very happy with our new website. I would highly recommend OMdeSIGN as a creative, professional and dynamic web development agency to work with.
-Sophia Brenninkmeyer, Founder and CEO, Exhi Art
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