Grant Macdonald
A dynamic brand for upmarket silversmiths
A bespoke website and branding for The London Maritime Arbitrators Association
C&C Group
A bespoke website and branding for the cloud market leading software solutions provider.
Lending Standards Board
Website development and brand identity for Lending Standards Board
Georgiadis Urology Clinic
A WordPress powered website for a busy urology clinic
“Thank you to everyone on the OMdeSIGN team for all the excellent support and effort in the creation of our new website. We are now thanks to all your hard work, operating a site which is effective, efficient and modern – exactly as we requested. We have already received excellent feedback from existing and potential participants, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OMdeSIGN to any company or organisation who need/want to develop a new site.”
- Melanie Sawers, Administrative Director, University of Essex Summer School
Exhi Art Community
Art community website for multi-continental users
Essex University Summer School
Visual Identity and branding for University of Essex Summer School
Cook with Lisa
Website and branding for a talented chef and author Lisa Roukin.
The Advisory
Visual Identity for a House Selling Advice Portal
Green Gate London
78% increase in revenue for Superfood Supplements retailer
Lifestyle advice, Visual Identity
Visual Identity for an online fashion boutique
4 Clover Club
Visual Identity and brand development for a London based private club and consulting agency
Strategic Disciplines
Strategic support for HR teams, Visual Identity
“OMdeSIGN is a very talented, innovative and creative web company. We were amazed with what they came up with! They work very well with the client and will make the vision of your web site become a reality. ”
- Isatu Randle, Dancer, Cabaret Carnaval