About Us
Smart, Agile, Creative

We’ve been honing our skills in web design and bespoke web development since 2004. In that time we’ve learnt that effective web design isn’t just about you. It’s about your customers too. So we take into account both sides of the story, creating the relevant web experiences that connect you to your audiences and help to build flourishing relationships.

Fuelled by Passion

We can think as big as you need us to. At the same time, we offer all the responsiveness, flexibility and personal touch of a small agency. There are no layers of bureaucracy to pay for and none for us to hide behind. We’re open, honest and good at what we do. Clearly we’re biased, so take a look through our portfolio and make up your own mind. Any questions? Fire away. You won’t have to wait long for an answer.

Our Process
We’re here to help you transform your ideas into reality, problem solving throughout the strategy, design and build processes.
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Founders: O+M = OMdeSIGN

These two folks lead OMdeSIGN. They believe in hard work and building lasting relationships.

  • Omdesign Founders - Ola Wojtowicz
    O = Ola Wojtowicz

    Ola started Omdesign with Mark in 2004. She has loved design, computers and the Internet for as long as she can remember. Ola sprinkles love and other secret ingredients to create OMdesign’s projects.

  • Omdesign Founders - Mark Matias
    M = Mark Matias

    Mixing awesome with modesty, Mark is the powerhouse behind Omdesign sites. Mark enjoys working directly with clients to produce creative websites that exceed expectations.


“We have received great feedback on the look of the web site. We look forward to working with you in the future and expect great things. Thank you for your hard work.”
- Gilles DeGreling, Director of Operations for Gander and White Palm Beach
  • that provides a relevant online experience for your customers, rather than an industry award panel.

  • solutions that transform your site into a veritable money-making machine.

  • including client/server-side coding, database driven website design… you’ve stopped reading, haven’t you?

  • that gives your business the kind of personality your customers would happily talk to at a party.

  • that ensures your brand interests, attracts, engages and informs people.

  • Website maintenance and support from the snapshot to the big picture.

Our Values
Solving problems with clarity, simplicity & honesty since 2004.
Simplicity is the key
We design our websites to look and work beautifully.
Experience matters
We’ve been in business since 2004, and we still love the challenge of mastering new techniques.
Creativity is everything
Making things look pretty is only the start.
We just love what we do
Focussed, keen on learning and sharing knowledge.
Well Connected
We work with the smartest, most innovative partners around, leveraging their proven expertise to meet your ambitions.