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We’ve been creating websites for charities based all around the world for more than a decade now, and in that time we’ve learned some valuable lessons. Above all else we’ve come to understand that a successful charity website is one which puts individual people at the heart of everything. From the people running the charity to the people being helped, it’s all about conveying the message of those who are determined to make a difference, and how they set about doing so.

Beautiful, compelling charity web design in London

The best charity websites tell stories. They engage the wider audience in a manner which makes them want to learn more and to get involved. Whether that means volunteering time and effort or making a donation, it’s the kind of involvement which allows a charity to set about making a difference.

We do all of this by getting to know the charity itself and the audience they want to reach out to. We then use this information to design a website and content which captures who the charity are, what they do and the difference they make. The combination of visual branding and website functionality will create a unique impact – one which draws in the target audience and makes them want to get involved.

How We Work

Good charity website design – We design charity websites using Open Source content management systems like WordPress and Drupal. Our speciality is using our technical and design ability to help charities draw people to them via the full range of digital channels.

We create solutions which take each visitor on a journey, during which key messages will be emphasised and engagement encouraged. Our digital design skills help charities of every size and type maximise their reach and impact, achieve their goals and help to make the world a better place.
We make sure that the charities we work with take full advantage of the opportunities on offer, utilising the full range of platforms and media to help them cut through the background noise and stand out from the crowd.

Charity Web Design London
Charity Website Design London

Charity Web Design
Providing website design services for charities, foundations and non-profit organisations since 2004. Talk to our London team today about your goals to start your project
Global Ocean
Charity website design to help preserve marine life
Website for the strategic sub-regional partnership for Central London
City Action
Website for City of London City Action, a free employee volunteering consultancy matching up City-based businesses with local charities and community organisations.
PPL Love Us
“There are many people in the field of designing websites so to find a great company to go with can be like finding a rare breed of turtle in a whole ocean. We were lucky in the sense that we had helping us a person who had a refined eye for good website design so when we were putting out our website brief to various companies, she was able to advise us. Thanks to this early advice and the fact that we very much liked what we saw of Omdesign’s work, along with their easy and professional manner, we put our trust and faith in their hands. It turned out to be well placed and we are delighted with the exact mix of creativity and clarity that Omdesign gave to our new website. They followed the brief exactly and continue to play a supportive and advisory role today…”
- Melanie Salmon, Managing Director of Global Ocean, Marine Conservation Charity
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