Luna Benai
Improved website experience for contemporary art and fashion brand.
What We Did

OMdeSIGN has recently welcomed the contemporary art and fashion brand Luna Benai to its expanding client portfolio within the luxury sector. This new appointment is a source of great excitement for our studio.
Luna Benaï is a London-based bespoke label that creates rare, handcrafted pieces. Led by Katia Luna Benaï, their team of artisans, specialists, and visionary artists combines timeless concepts and designs with a modern fine art twist, producing exquisite contemporary treasures with a nod to the past.

What We Did

Luna Bennai presented us with a challenge: improve the speed and performance of their website, with a special emphasis on fast load times for visitors accessing it on mobile devices, which comprise a significant portion of their traffic.


Our ongoing website maintenance service ensures that Luna Benai’s website functions at its best. We regularly update plugins and modules and promptly address technical issues to prevent any disruption.

Regular Site Backups

We conduct regular backup sessions to ensure Luna Benai’s website is functioning without any issues.

Performance & Speed Optimisation

Speed is one of the most important elements of any successful website. It impacts user experience, engagement, and even SEO. Website speed optimization can significantly reduce page loading time, resulting in improved user experience, better search engine rankings, and increased conversion rates. By making changes to the website code and server we reduced page loading time and improved Luna Benai’s website’s speed & performance. We optimised and streamlined the website code to reduce the size of files, reducing page loading time. We also implemented caching techniques that stored data close to the user’s browser, making it easier for them to access the content quickly. By optimizing the code and server settings, we were able to reduce page loading time by up to 70%. This improved the overall website performance and user experience.

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