One2date was formed to create a new, exciting UK online dating community with great features and no hidden extras. The idea is that there is ‘the one’ out there for everyone and that one2date is the simple, fun way to find them.


We were asked to develop a memorable, fresh, creative logo for the one2date brand and to avoid being cheesy at all costs! The logo would need to express the core values of the brand. So the task was to create a visual identity which communicates three things:

  • Love, as represented by the heart.
  • Dating, as in the word ‘date’.
  • Someone special, as in ‘the one’.

The client’s colour preferences were for pastel blue, warming purple and pastel pink.


Logo Design


We initially sketched up a wide range of creative ideas for the logo, focusing on developing a graphic that would display the name in an impactful, appealing way. So we designed the logo around the three elements of ‘one’, ‘2’ and ‘date’, with the lettering in a light pastel blue and the ‘2’ in a light pastel pink. To reinforce the dating message, we developed a heart inspired design into the ‘2’ graphic, using a warming passionate purple colour.