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The modern consumer expects to be able to carry the whole of the internet in the palm of their hand, and your online presence has to be ready to meet that challenge. The experts at OMdeSIGN Digital Agency call it responsive design. It means that your e-commerce site looks as good and runs as smoothly no matter what kind of device it is accessed via. A site which works equally well on an iPad, tablet or smartphone is a site which prospective clients can access whenever and wherever they need to. Your customers will be expecting nothing less, and neither does the team at OMdeSIGN.

Our E-commerce Portfolio

Our clients range from small and medium sized businesses through to  instantly recognizable brands such as Aston Martin and City of London Corporation.

The e-commerce websites we build will load quickly, with pages that adjust to the screen size in question. Our work isn’t just about looking good, it’s about instinctive navigation and ease of use. Whatever a visitor is looking for when they land on your site, it will be easy to find and accessibly presented. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, we’ll make sure your shop window takes in any kind of device and every prospective customer.