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Boutiquette – boutique and etiquette, looking good and doing it right. Boutiquette sell clothes under the slogan Be fashion, Be trendy, Be creative, providing their customers with affordable luxury crafted by the designers that absolutely everybody is going to be wearing by this time next year (darling). Their clothes look as good as their models, and they wanted a website that was a match for both. Which is where we came in…

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We asked Boutiquette to sum themselves up in a word… and they gave us four: Unique, Memorable, Timeless, and Minimal. Luckily, that’s just the kind of fashion website we like to create, so while they set about pulling together their range, we set about putting together somewhere beautiful to show it all off. The result was a slick online presence with the ambience of a chic local boutique.


It started with a catwalk star of a logo; a pared back visual signature – simultaneously of the moment and timeless – designed to catch the eye, turn the head and tempt the customer. The rest of the e-commerce site followed suit, from a home page that’s the equivalent of a stunning window display, to intuitive search options which make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, even before you know you’re looking for it. Since customers in other countries could also order, the option of paying in Euros or Pound Sterling was offered, with more currencies to be added in time. We carried on working with Boutiquette to keep things cutting edge and delivered something that never goes out of fashion – far more orders.

Fashion Website Boutiquette
OMdeSIGN were able to create and bring to “live” what I have envisioned. They have done an outstanding job in creating Boutiquette’s logo and website, paying attention to the smallest details, which was very important to me. Being a novice in online retail they have guided me through the process of understanding how the websites work step-by-step, and made my integration easy and seamless. I am looking forward to working with OMdeSIGN on the future projects and developing Boutiquette further.
-Aya Aliyeva, Founder and Director of Boutiquette
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