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Data. It’s everywhere, and it matters. It’s what you’re reading right now and it’s how you reached this page. Data is the raw material that lets us make sense of the world, and the University of Essex teaches people how to read, analyse and interpret data with a clarity that cuts through to the facts that really matters. The Essex Summer School, based at the campus in Colchester, teaches data analysis around social sciences, and teaches it in a way that’s specialised, practical and innovative.


Essex Summer School needed a logo and they needed OMdeSIGN to create it. Why? Because it called for designers up to the task of capturing their USP:
Their expertise and the comprehensive nature of their offer, allied to almost half a century of experience.
Their hard-earned and impeccable reputation, ability to attract and retain the best instructors, and finely honed social programme.
The fact that attending the Summer School offers the chance of an MA in Social Science Data Analysis.
Fittingly, that’s a lot of data for one logo to convey. Typically, we knew we were up to the task.

Essex Summer School Logo Typography

As ever, we worked closely with the client, focusing on developing an aesthetic able to appeal to a range of target audiences, from doctoral, postdoctoral and masters students, through to researchers, university departments and, with an eye to the future, corporate clients. We provided the concepts, they provided the feedback, and together we forged a logo that was apt and expressive, reversed out of a dark background and reproduced in a single colour when the need arose. With a few tweaks we arrived at the finished product, a visual image which demonstrates that when it comes to conveying data, the right logo can be worth a thousand words.


Thank you to everyone on the OMdeSIGN team for all the excellent support and effort in the creation of our new website. We are now thanks to all your hard work, operating a site which is effective, efficient and modern – exactly as we requested. We have already received excellent feedback from existing and potential participants, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OMdeSIGN to any company or organisation who need/want to develop a new site.
-Melanie Sawers, Administrative Director, University of Essex Summer School
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