Visual Identity. Young, Fun, Colourful, Trendy Wellies


Jelly Jolly London – it doesn’t do what it says on the tin, because it’s much more fun than a tin. It’s a jelly, the kind of bright, colourful and fun wobbly stuff that this company uses to create a range of clothing, socks and accessories. Jelly Jolly….just say it out loud and you’ll find yourself smiling..


We asked what the company slogan was and they threw four words back at us – Young, Fun, Colourful, Trendy, which was when we knew they were OMdeSIGN’s kind of people. They asked us to help create a brand identity featuring a logo that would reach out to the target audience of young teenagers and students, a logo that was striking, colourful and fun – as Jolly as Jelly and vice versa.

Jelly Jolly
Jelly Jolly

Having created a logo for Jolly Jelly that crystallised (or should that be ‘jellified’?) the companies feel for fun, freshness and vibrant quirkiness, we expanded this across all areas of their graphic style. We designed a ‘jelly’ typeface for the brand, making it bright, colourful and contemporary, so that every communication they make instantly broadcasts just how much fun you’re going to have in the Jolly Jelly world. Were they delighted? They were extremely jolly..

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