OMdeSIGN Web Studio
Ta-da! OMdeSIGN has launched a new website.

After months of hard work and dedication, OMdeSIGN London is delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new website. We apologise if you were caught in the disruption as traffic came to a halt, people stopped in their tracks and Brexit negotiations were put on hold as entire populations checked out the new look on their phone, tablet and computer screens.

Feast your eyes

Rather unsurprisingly,  the completely overhauled has been created by our very own, highly talented and yes, award-winning team. Enjoy fast, intuitive access to essential information about our services, work and culture. Catch up with all the latest case studies, news, press releases and client testimonials.  And feast your eyes on the clean, minimalistic design. All absolutely free of charge.


As if all that isn’t enough, our site has also been designed with the user experience firmly in mind. It uses the latest technology and comes optimised for all browsers and mobile devices. So fear not: even your gran will be able to effortlessly ‘find out more’ before confirming to her friends at bingo that we really do provide a comprehensive full-service offering. That includes everything from web design, development and e-commerce to branding, social media and internet marketing. In fact, we probably tick more boxes than she will.

The inevitable quote

Let’ s now have a made up quote from Marek Matias, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of OMdeSIGN. He had someone open his solid oak door long enough for us to hear the following:


Our own website has always been at the bottom of the list of things to do,” he explained in a highly confident manner. “It goes without saying that we prefer to invest our time in our clients’ projects. But once we did finally get it off the ground, the new site became a priority. From conceptualisation to execution, it has been a true labour of love involving each and every member of the OMdeSIGN team. We hope you like the results.


Our new website will be updated on a regular basis, so don’t forget to keep coming back to see what we’ve been up to.




About OMdeSIGN Digital Agency (just in case you’ve forgotten)

Based in London, OMdeSIGN Digital Studio is a full-service web agency specialising in WordPress and e-commerce. Founded by Mark Matias and Ola Wojtowicz way back in 2004, the OMdeSIGN’s mission is to accelerate client success through integrated digital services including website design and development, branding, social media and internet marketing.