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What we did

With 40 years of experience, Grant Macdonald provides silver and gold objects d’art to clients worldwide. As one of the largest silversmiths in the UK, the majority of their pieces are exported and featured in both public and private collections. For instance, the rebuilt Dresden Cathedral now boasts an eighteen-foot-high cross and orb completed by the company in 1998. Grant Macdonald also specializes in heraldic pieces for the City of London and their work can be found at numerous prestigious locations, including 10 Downing Street, and the company has received an award from Her Majesty the Queen for Enterprise in International Trade.

What we did
Grant Macdonald Brand packaging
Grant Macdonald Brand packaging

Grant Macdonald project focused on delivering uncompromising quality. Their request was for a memorable and innovative logo, built on their current brand, which effectively conveys sophistication and style.

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“OMdeSIGN provided us with a great service, always on the phone and on email for support and even on hand to come in for meetings to discuss the project. Grant Macdonald recommend OMdeSIGN as a reliable and professional web design studio.”
- George Macdonald, Director of Grant Macdonald Ltd.

When we first engaged with Grant Macdonalds, their brand identity was already established. However, it did not reflect the refined feel of their portfolio. Our goal was to fine-tune the existing identity and create a complete, consistent look that would appeal to their client base.

We worked to refine shapes, colors and typography to create an aesthetic that represented Grant Macdonalds’ refined image while still maintaining elements of the established brand.

We also created a visual language that will carry through all communications, from website design to print materials. This allowed us to ensure that all pieces of the project worked together to create a unified, cohesive identity that can be used across all applications.

The Brand

The end result is a brand identity and visual language full of refinement and sophistication that truly speaks to Grant Macdonalds’ target audience. From website design to print materials, everything reflects their refined image and delivers an impactful design experience.

Grant Macdonald Logo design
Grant Macdonald Logo design
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