Racinne Cosmetics
An e-commerce website for a cosmetics company
What we did

Racinne’s promise is to offer highly effective beauty products through a unique, science-driven skincare formula developed through state-of-the-art stem cell technology. The products herald a new dimension in skincare and beauty.

The brainchild of Canadian scientist Ernest McCulloch, the concept behind Racinne is that science and beauty are deeply intertwined, which is why the Racinne line of skincare products was only brought to market after seven years of dedicated research. Racinne products contain highly advanced active ingredients, researched and developed in partnership with the world’s leading biotechnology laboratories. Racinne International Beauty Corporation currently offers three highly innovative skincare lines – Ultimate Aqua Blanc, Ultimate Hydra Perfection and Ultimate Youthful Power.

What we did

We were briefed to develop Racinne’s new UK e-commerce website. The client wanted a new ecommerce website that would be easy to navigate and use.


The website was designed in partnership with another London design studio (BOB Design) and was built by OMdeSIGN using a bespoke implementation of our Content Management and e-commerce Systems. The Racinne Cosmetics e-commerce website now provides a full ecommerce shopping experience where customers can browse through products, add them to their basket and checkout quickly and easily. We ensured that the site’s e-commerce functonality incorporates an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which allows non-technical members of the Racinne team to manage product content with ease. The proof of the pudding is that, since launching the site, Racinne has experienced significant growth, with visits up 80%, transactions up 190% and revenue rising by 195%.

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